A boy lying on a pillow on the floor with his legs on a couch reading Starting from Seneca Falls.

Suggest a Book!

Shine! being read by a girl lying on a fuzzy rug.
A girl reads Scritch Scratch while listening with headphones.
The Blackbird Girls being read by a girl lying on a cushion on the floor with her legs propped up on her bed.
A boy sitting cross-legged in a large upholstered chair reading Before the Ever After.

Suggest a Book!

Read a great book? Let us know! Librarians, teachers, students, and parents are encouraged to submit books for Lectio consideration. Please consider our criteria of books appropriate for grades 4-8 and written in the last three years (five years for religious books).

Criteria for Selection:

  • Literary quality

  • Interest potential

  • Special consideration will be offered to literature that is diverse in characters, authorship, perspectives, timely thematic issues, and format

  • Book buzz, especially surrounding literary awards and “best of” lists

  • Middle grade titles (grades 4-6, but of a quality & sophistication likely to also capture grades 7-8)

  • Supports curriculum and/or recreational reading

  • Published within 3 years of Selection Committee viewing. Religious-themed materials may be published within the last 5 years

While we cannot guarantee that your suggestion will be featured on the nominee list, we will add your book to our To-Be-Read list and review its qualifications.

Lectio Book Award Selection Committee members receive books for consideration from multiple publishers. Selection Committee members also seek out titles for consideration based on recommendations, reviews, and other sources that bring titles to their attention. No guarantee is made to include a book on the nominee award list based on provision of books, nor recommendations. Selection committee reviews will not be submitted in return for provision of books. However, individual committee members may act independently to give another review of titles brought to their attention through their Lectio connection. Any independent review does not reflect the committee's view of that title.